Co-ops and Classes

Local cooperative learning groups and parent-led or parent-participation classes for homeschoolers on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

More classes and activities can be found on the Extra-Curricular page!  Usually (but not always) those listed here require parent participation or volunteering in some fashion, while those on the extra-curricular page are provided by businesses, like sports and lessons.

ASYMCA Homeschool Program – A Montessori style supplemental program for homeschooled children, available through the Armed Services YMCA Honolulu. They also offer a Parent Participation Preschool and Early Learning Readiness program.

AWANA – Christian/Bible program at several churches across the island. Click here for a list of locations on Oahu.

Chess Club – All ages, meets in Waipio on Wed. mornings. Join Hawaii Homeschool Community or email Christie for info. *Taking a break for the summer. I’m not sure if it will restart for the fall or not.

Classical Conversations – A Christian organization with individually organized communities throughout the USA, including several across Oahu. Based on a classical model of education. Meets weekly for 24 weeks a year, where a tutor presents new material that families work on at home. Includes a variety of subjects, such as history, science, art, music, some math, geography and Latin. Requires a fee to participate. This organization also offer a free three-day “Parent Practicum” in the summer, as well as low-cost kids camps at the same time

GLOW (God Leads Our Way) Co-Op – [New registration usually starts in/around March each year.] A Christian enrichment co-op for all ages that meets in Mililani and offers parent-led classes on a variety of topics. Parent participation is required. Contact Tia ( for more information.

Kailua Homeschool Resource Center – multiple class offerings, including art, coding, book club, music, various levels of science – Kailua

Lego League, Science Olympiad, Cyber Patriot, & Robotics teams are also organized through various groups (and they have often done very well, too)! If interested, I suggest joining a local homeschool support group and ask your local area homeschool parents if there are any openings available.

Oahu Homeschool Co-Op – A primarily secular co-op that usually hosts 3 events, playdates, or field trips per week. It’s much like an educational field trip or event group (versus a repeating class on a certain subject on a set day of the week/month, which this is not), along with lots of support and ideas from other members and the admin. While it was originally designed for ages 3-6, membership is now open to all ages. The base concept for the co-op is The EIC Model™ (“using the Environment as an Integrating Context for improving student learning”). If a person participates in co-op events, they are expected to host some as well. ** This was changed to a SECRET FB group… contact the admin, Lacy Razor, for info. 

Schofield Aloha Co-op – A parent-led co-op located on Schofield Barracks, primarily for elementary age kids, originally with a Christian foundation of values but with an approach that welcomes secular families as well, and (as of this listing) covering topics of music, art, science, and history/geography. Meets weekly, with occasional field trips and after lunch playtime.

St. Benedict Hall a Classical Christian Hybrid Education located in Kailua, Hawaii. As a ministry of Christ the Foundation, we provide homeschool families a structured education 3 mornings a week. Our 1st-6th grade students study with us in the mornings, and we offer an all-day program for grades 7-8. We are dedicated to providing robustly Christian and Classical classes in 5 core areas: Humanities, Latin, Bible, Nature Studies, Classics & Composition.

Tinkergarten Kailua – fee-based service/classes for 18 months to 8 years old meeting at Maunawili Valley Neighborhood Park.

PE Classes

  • PE classes are run by staff from USAG- Hawaii Youth Sports & Fitness on both AMR and Schofield Barracks installations.
  • Parent-led PE classes are sometimes conducted at Central Oahu Regional Park. Join the Hawaii Homeschool Community support group on Facebook and inquire therein for details and if the PE sessions are currently available.
  • Other support groups, such as Hickam Homeschoolers and Home Educated Keiki
  • Windward Homeschool P.E. – A Facebook group that meets regularly for PE sessions. Their description states it is: “Physical Education through sports and play for homeschooling families on the Windward side of Oahu.”


The Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) faith & Bible-study group on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, often offers a “homeschool room” for kids while their mom is attending bible studies. There is also a PWOC on Schofield and possibly AMR, both of which might also offer a homeschool room option.