Homeschool Groups

On this page, I’ve listed many of the homeschool support and interest groups here on Oahu (in Hawaii).   There are others, but some groups prefer to remain “off the grid” or are not accepting new members so they will remain unlisted at this time.  If you know of another homeschool group or are establishing a new one that you’d like listed here, please let me know!

Amazing Homeschool Hiking Club – A Facebook group for Homeschooling families who would be interested in meeting other families and doing hikes all around Oahu. Neither explicitly secular or faith-based. Only occasional (not regularly scheduled or routine) and sometimes short-notice hikes are listed at this time, but any member seems to be allowed to host a hike.

Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH) – A well established faith-based support organization that hosts an annual conference and an annual used book/curriculum sale. They also offer members connections to some other local homeschool support groups, a newsletter, and a discount with the Homeschool Legal Defense Agency (HSLDA). From their page: “The purpose of Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii (CHOH) is to share information regarding homeschooling from a Christ-centered perspective and provide support for homeschooling families.”

Christian Homeschoolers of West Oahu – A fairly active Facebook-based, Christian homeschool support group, primarily for those living on the leeward side of Oahu, though I don’t think they have restrictions on families from other areas of the island joining as well.

Harmony Ed Hawaii – A group for members of Harmony Education in Hawaii (which is a part of one of the local charter school options).

Hawaii Easy Peasy Homeschool Chatter – A small Facebook-based support group for families using Easy Peasy homeschool curriculum.

Hawaii Homeschool Association (HHA) – Another well established support organization whose primary focus seems to be on the sharing of helpful information, including local homeschooling laws and regulations. They also offer park days a few times a month, where families meet up so the parents can chat and the kids can play (or the other way around). From their page: “an inclusive support group of homeschooling families for Oahu. We are a diverse group of families with different backgrounds and many different approaches to homeschooling.” Neither explicitly secular or faith-based.

Hawaii Homeschool Community (HHC) – A Facebook group for homeschooling families with kids in grades K+ (see also HHC for Pre-K & Kinder below if you have a young child). It is neither expressly faith-based or specifically secular. From their page: ” HHC is an inclusive support group for families with children who are primarily educated at home. The group serves to enrich and extend educational experiences by facilitating interactions, activities, and resource sharing among members.”

Hawaii Homeschooling for College Credit – A state page that “is a subcategory of the primary Facebook page and book Homeschooling for College Credit by Jennifer Cook DeRosa”. This appears to be more of an informational group than a support group, and is not very active as of the last time I looked (Oct. 2017).

Hawaii Homeschool Community for Pre-K and Kinder – A Facebook group derived from the primary Hawaii Homeschool Community group listed above. Intended as a forum and support group for families with children age birth to 7 who “purposefully plan activities for them that promote cognitive growth, social well being and overall independence”.

Hickam Homeschoolers – a support group for homeschool families that live on Hickam.

Home Educated Keiki (HEK) – a Facebook group “for Ohana with home educated keiki in the Ewa Beach and Kapolei areas”.

Home Educators Residing on Oahu (H.E.R.O.)a group that is inclusive with atheists, unschoolers, and LGBT youth/families in mind. They meet for coffee most often, with an emphasis on being a respite from the more organized groups they participate in elsewhere. Children are encouraged to come, as they usually play while the parents are getting their social time with similar minded adults.

Home Educators Residing on Oahu (HERO) – One of the few expressly and primarily secular groups on island, this Facebook group was established with atheist and agnostic homeschool educators in mind. Offers activities, events, and like-minded conversation and support.

Homeschoolers of Older Children, Oahu (HOCO) – A Facebook group “created for those on Oahu who are homeschooling children ages 9 and up”, offering lots of events and activities. They have now created an additional “events” group for those who actively participate in group events. Ask admin of this group for info on how to join or look for the link in the group.

Manawalea 4-H Club – Oahu families forming a new 4-H club, meeting on the 1st Thursday of each month. All youth ages 5-18 are invited to join as members and find a place where they can explore new and existing interests through 4-H projects.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii Homeschool – A Facebook group for those living on or near MCBH.

Military Christian Homeschoolers Oahu (MCHO) – Faith-based group for homeschooling families with military base access. Their website previously described the group’s mission as: “to provide support for Christian military home educating families on Oahu through disseminating information of interest and providing avenues for fellowship, encouragement, and member initiated activities.”

Military Home Educators Network (MHEN) – A Facebook group that was established “to provide support for Christian Military home educating families on Oahu through disseminating information of interest and providing avenues for fellowship, encouragement, and member initiated activities.”

Military Homeschoolers of Oahu – Their description as listed on Facebook is (at the time of this listing): “Our mission is to provide a community for the military families (Active/Retired/DOD) that home-educate their school-aged children (K-12) on the island of O’ahu. We build that community by offering this central place to communicate and organize group activities and field trips. The foundation of Military Homeschoolers of Oahu is the group activities (such as field trips, educational fun days, park days, parties, and more), because this is where the opportunity to truly build relationships is (for both parents and children).”

Oahu Homeschool Classifieds – A Facebook group for the local buying, selling, and trading of homeschool related materials.

Oahu Homeschool Co-Op: A primarily secular co-op that usually hosts 3 events, playdates, or field trips per week. It’s much like an educational field trip or event group (versus a repeating class on a certain subject on a set day of the week/month, which this is not), along with lots of support and ideas from other members and the admin. While it was originally designed for ages 3-6, membership is now open to all ages. The base concept for the co-op is The EIC Model™ (“using the Environment as an Integrating Context for improving student learning”). If a person participates in co-op events, they are expected to host some as well. ** This was changed to a SECRET FB group… contact the admin, Lacy Razor, for info. **

Oahu Waldorf Homeschooling Families – A small Facebook-based homeschool support group for Waldorf style homeschool families on Oahu.

Schofield Barracks Homeschooling Friends – A relatively smaller Facebook-based homeschool support group for military homeschooling families on and near Schofield Barracks.
Waianae Homeschool Ohana – According to their Facebook group description, they are: “A network of homeschool families on the Waianae Coast”.

West Side Harmony Students – A Facebook group for those currently enrolled in the Kanu o ka ‘Aina charter school/Harmony Educational Services Program. The group will be used to coordinate carpooling & field trips, and offer resources to one another.

Windward Homeschool P.E. – A Facebook group. “Physical Education through sports and play for homeschooling families on the Windward side of Oahu.”

Do you have any updates, corrections, or additions to this list? Please email me!